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Posted on:2015-11-07 13:48 Page views:11010

What is DECX?

DECX is a new agriculture commodities exchange platform initiative for global buyers and sellers and the first of its kind in China. Version of DECX is to revolutionize China’s tradition bound agriculture through creating a new marketplace that serves all market actors, from farmers to traders to processors to exporters to consumers. The DECX is a unique partnership of market actors. DECX represents the future of China agriculture trader mode, bringing integrity, security, and efficiency to the market. DECX creates opportunities for unparalleled growth in the commodity sector and linked industries, such as transport and logistics, banking and financial services, and others. DECX is developing a new method of exchange and a safer one for all who trade on it.

What we can do for the exporters?

We can solve two most important problems for exporters. One is that we can stop the defaults. The other is that exporters can get USD dollars more fast than before. Why we said we could solve defaults? As we know from east of Africa to China the shipment need about one month, from west Africa to China, the shipment need about two month, from India to China, the shipment need about 10 days. But in these shipment days, who knows the market will have big changes or not, for example, from March 12 till to March 25, 2016, about two weeks, the sesame market had a sharp increase, so the defaults will be a big problems facing by the buyers. Whenever the market has sharp up and down, the defaults will be shown. The only thing you should do is that delivery your cargoes to our free fax warehouse established by DECX in your countries. Then DECX’s agency like SDIC, C&D LOGISTICS GROUP CO., LTD, they will as DECX’S alliance agencies to buy cargoes directly from the fee tax warehouse, then the agencies will pay dollars to you directly. 

Our aim is to build a sample, security, convenience, standard, and efficient exchange platform for importers and exporters.