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Rules & Regulations

DECX Users Registration Agreements

Posted on:2015-11-20 18:56 Page views:4191

This agreement is that you with DECX e-commerce (hereinafter referred to as "this", website: www.decxagri.com) between the owners just DECX e-commerce services and other related matters to enter into a contract, please read carefully the registration agreement, you click on the "agree and continue" button, after this agreement is a legal document binding upon both parties. 
Article 1 the recognition and acceptance of our terms of service 
1.1 this net in all kinds of electronic services of ownership and operation rights owned by DECX e-commerce. Users agree to the registration agreement and complete the registration process, to become a formal user on this site. The user to confirm: the terms of this agreement the rights and obligations of both parties to a processing contract, always effective, otherwise mandatory law or otherwise agreed by both sides, according to its rules. 
1.2 users click agree to this agreement, that is, as the user to confirm the order with you can enjoy this site service, shopping and so on the corresponding rights and behavior ability, independently bear legal responsibility. 
1.3 DECX e-commerce in the mainland areas of law of the People's Republic of China decided to reject the service alone, close to the extent permitted user accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel the order. 
Article 2 the service 
2.1 DECX e-commerce through the Internet to provide Internet information services, in accordance with the user in a completely agree to this agreement and under the condition of this regulation, that is, have the right to use this site related services. 
Article 3 the user information 
3.1 users should to good faith to provide this information registration, the user agrees to provide the registered information is true, accurate, complete, legal and effective, and of any change of user registration information, should be timely update the registered information. If the user to provide registration information is illegal, untrue, inaccurate, not exhaustive, users must therefore cause the corresponding responsibility and consequences, and DECX e-commerce to retain the right to terminate the user use DECX e-commerce services. 
3.2 users to browse in our website and placing the activities such as shopping, involves the user's real name/contact name, address, telephone, email and other private information, this site will be kept strictly confidential, unless authorized by users or otherwise provided by law, we will not disclose privacy information to the outside world. 
3.3 after the success of the user registration, will create a user name and password, seat number and other account information, you can change your password according to our regulations. Users should be careful to reasonable storage, use the user name and password. If users find any illegal use of user accounts or the existence of security vulnerabilities, please notice this immediately and report to the public security organ. 
3.4 user agrees to DECX e-commerce has a form of text messages via email, telephone to register in our website, such as shopping users informed information rights. 
3.5 users shall not register in our website to get account to others use, otherwise the user shall bear the responsibility of the resulting, and are jointly and severally liable with the actual user. 
3.6 user agrees, DECX e-commerce has the right to use the user registration information, the information such as user name, password, log in to the registered account user, for preservation of evidence, including but not limited to notarization and witness, etc. 
Article 4 the user in accordance with the law and obligations 
This agreement rules formulated according to the relevant national laws and regulations, the user agrees to strictly abide by the following obligations: 
4.1 shall not transfer or published: incitement to resist, undermine the constitution and laws, administrative rules and regulations implementation, incitement to subvert state power, to overthrow the socialist system, incitement to divide the country, undermine national unity, incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity; 
4.2 from the Chinese mainland to transmit data information outside the territory of China must comply with the relevant Chinese laws and regulations; 
4.3 May make use of this site is engaged in money laundering, commercial secrets, steal personal information, and other illegal and criminal activities; 
4.4 shall not interfere with the normal operation of this net, and the national computer information system; 
4.5 shall not transfer or make any illegal and criminal, harassment, slander others, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, uncivilized and other information; 
4.6 published shall not transfer or damage to the nation's social and information involving national security or public interests; 
By this article 4.7 shall not be instigated others engaged in prohibited behavior; 
4.8 shall not use account registered in our website for profit, business activities; Shall not release any infringement of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property or legal rights of content; 
4.9 shall not release any infringement of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property or legal rights of content; 
Users should pay attention to and abide by in time we released or modification of all kinds of legal rules. 
We have deleted station of do not conform to the legal policy or untrue information content without informing the user rights. 
If the user is not in accordance with the above provisions, we have the right to make independent judgment and take to suspend or close to the user account. The user must be for their comments on the Internet and behavior bear legal responsibility. 
Article 5 the ownership and intellectual property rights clause 
5.1 users once you accept this agreement, which indicates that the customer active it published in our website at any point in any form of information content of the rights of the property rights of any negotiable all exclusive and irrevocably transfer to DECX e-commerce all, user agrees to DECX e-commerce infringement lawsuit alone has the right to any body. 
5.2 users agree and fully understand the terms of this agreement, promise not to have been published in this net information, in any form the main body in any way release or other authorized (including but not limited to use in all kinds of websites, media). 
5.3 DECX makers of the e-commerce is this net, with the web content and resources of copyright and other legal rights, protected by state law, have the right to modify this agreement from time to time and site content, and posted on this site without prior notice user. Within the scope of the maximum permitted by law, DECX e-commerce to this agreement and has the power of interpretation of site content. 
5.4 unless otherwise mandatory provisions of law, without clear DECX e-commerce special written permission, no unit or individual shall be compelled in any manner illegally copied, reproduced in whole or in part, quotes, links, fetching or otherwise use the information content, otherwise, DECX e-commerce has right to pursue its legal responsibility. 
5.5 the information published by this information (such as text, graphics, logos, buttons, ICONS, images, sound files, fragment, digital downloads, data editing and software), are all DECX e-commerce or its content providers of property, shall be protected by the Chinese and international copyright law. This all software is DECX online e-commerce software provider or its affiliates or its property, protected by the Chinese and international copyright law. 
Article 6 the limitation of liability and does not guarantee 
6.1 for the following reasons, cause you can't use the service or your loss, our company will not undertake any responsibility: the company to develop and advance notice of system during downtime; Because telecommunications line facilities and machine reason that wrong, hysteresis interrupt or cannot pass; Because of the typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, floods and power outages, the factors of force majeure such as war, computer hackers, caused the company system obstacles can't normal business. 
6.2 you will use this service has certain risk, such as the risk including but not limited to: your user account and password is used by others, theft, or any other situation happen without lawful authority; Or criminals steal your bank card, etc. These risks are caused economic losses will be sent to you, unless you can prove that the company is intentional misconduct or gross negligence of the losses, the company will not undertake any responsibility. 
Article 7 the protocol updates and user attention obligation 
According to the requirements of national laws and regulations change and website operation DECX e-commerce has the right to modify this agreement from time to time, the revised agreement shall become effective once they are posted on this site, and instead of the original agreement. The user can log in at any time to consult the latest agreement; Users have a duty to attention from time to time and read the latest version of the agreement and the website announcement. If the user does not agree with the updated agreement, can and should immediately stop accepting DECX e-commerce based on the services provided in this agreement; As users continue to use our services, be deemed to have agreed to the updated agreement. DECX e-commerce and you are advised to read the agreement before using this web site of a public announcement. If any of the provisions of this agreement is seen abolished, invalid, or for any reason unenforceable, which shall be deemed to be separable and does not affect any validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. 
Article 8 jurisdiction and applicable law 
This agreement conclude, execution, and explain and solve the dispute shall be applicable in the mainland of the People's Republic of China apply effective legal (but not including its conflict rules). There is any conflict with the applicable law of this agreement, these terms will completely reinterpreted as stipulated in the law, and other effective provisions shall remain valid. As the parties to this agreement or any dispute in its execution, both sides should try to amicably settled through negotiation. If consultation fails, any party can to the mainland of the People's Republic of China that has jurisdiction over the court. 
Article 9 other 
9.1 DECX e-commerce owner refers to the government departments in accordance with the law of the license or registration DECX e-commerce operators. 
9.2 DECX e-commerce respect for users and consumers' legal rights, and this agreement and the various rules of the online, statements, and other content, all is in order to better, more convenient to provide services for users and consumers. We welcome users and put forward opinions and Suggestions from all walks of life, DECX e-commerce will accept and timely to modify this agreement and all kinds of the rules on this site. 
9.3 when you register click "agree" you fully accept this agreement, shall be deemed to be and voluntary compliance with "DECX e-commerce management method". Please confirm again before click has been aware of and fully understand the whole content of this agreement.