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Tips for taking photos of sesame samples

Posted on:2015-12-30 18:01 Page views:8308

To standardize the photography of sesame cargos samples, the following procedures are given by Flavor Full Foods Co, Ltd, which has a storage & purchase base and provides quality Togo-produced white sesame.

Please follow the below steps while taking photos of samples before uploading photos on DECX:

A: Please follow the steps while taking photos of samples:

1. Please put and spread sesame seeds on the A 4 paper with a measuring scale if needed, see the photo below:

2.Try not to turn on flashlight of the phone if sunlight is sufficient, see the photo below:

A small amount of sample seeds is enough and make sure the seeds spread all over the paper. Please follow the steps in Photo 1 and Photo 2.

Photo 1 

Photo 2

Please do not stack up the seeds on the paper in case color difference occurs. Avoid doing like Photo 3 and Photo 4.

Photo 3 

Photo 4

Please keep your camera horizontal (10-15 inches)and take the photo after it focuses. Avoid shadows and color diferrence. Please follow the steps in Photo 5.

Photo 5

Please send the photo via E-mail to avoid lowering the pixel sent by mobile, see Photo 6.

Photo 6

B、Sample photos as follows

Samples Photo comparison (from long distance), see Photo 7

Photo 7

Samples Photo comparison (from short distance), see Photo 8

Photo 8

Please mark those anormaly parts of the samples for identification purpose, see Photo 9,10

Photo 9

Photo 10

For ordinary samples photos as follows, see Photo 11,12

Photo 11

Photo 12