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The 40-41th Weekly Sesame Report

Posted on:2018-10-15 11:00 Page views:936

Source: China AGLOOK


A. Market Report:


The 40-41th week (September 29 -October 12), the domestic sesames prices are stable and the imported sesame prices are increased compared with last Friday.


a. Huangdao Port:

Humera good

11400-11500 yuan/ton(1652-1667 USD/MT)


Humera common

11200-11300 yuan/ton(1623-1638 USD/MT)


Gadarif best

11300-11400 yuan/ton(1638-1652 USD/MT)


Togo best

11100-11200 yuan/ton(1594-1623 USD/MT)


Nigeria mixed sesame......

Tanzania new sesame......


According to what we know from the port, now the total inventory at Qingdao Port and Tianjin Port is about 113,000 tons. The importing quantity in July is about 25,999 tons. Until September 30th, the importation quantity at Qingdao Port is about 55,300 tons. Recently the Yanzhuang oil plants an other plants are not active to make the purchasing. Several other big oil plants are also waiting for the overseas quotation in October. After the market has been clear, they can make the decision for purchasing. Most of the hulled sesame factories......


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