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How to do facing with the crazy African new season sesame?

Posted on:2018-11-06 11:26 Page views:4349

Source: From China AGLOOK!


Now the offer of HUMERA is at FOB 1,550--1,590USD/T. The offer of Gadarif is at CNF 1,570-1,590USD/T. In the view from the offer, the offer is higher 300USD/T compared with the opening price in the last year. Even though the sesame price at China port has followed to be increased to the same price level, there are not so many Chinese buyers. It tells us that the Chinese importers has been used to such harvest season cycles and can regard the sesame market rationally. It is very good.


Let us analysis the reason rationally for the crazy price. Indian Oilseed and Produce Export Promotion Council(IOPEPC) is sure to serve for the Indian importers and exporters. The Indian importers and exporters have been worked in the sesame market in Africa for many years. Many Indian importers and exporters stay in Africa all of the year around. Africa has been their second hometown. Most of the bigger sesame importers and exporters are the Indian companies. Why they issue the news that the production in India has been reduced more than 50%? It is sure to sell the new season sesame from Africa better for the Indian importation and exportation companies.


I think that the present offer from the Africa sesame exporters is just a tentative quotation. Besides, the offer is messy and there is no the correct price. It only can be for reference. At the information age today, the information is spread very quickly. That is to say, the sesame price has been very transparent. All of the importers and exporters know the price. If the quotation is higher, it will not be accepted.


Now the inventory at China port......


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